Must be settled on a presentation by cash, Mpesa, Credit card or debit card, personal cheques are not accepted.

  • Check-in: Please present your ID card, Passport or Temporary Residence Card upon Check-in. By Law, visitors must present personal documents for hotel records. Official check-in time is 11:00AM.
  • Early check-in is available on request, a normal tariff will be charged.
  • Check-out Official time is 10:00AM, Late check-out is available upon request from reception depending on the availability, the normal tariff will be charged
  • Luggage Storage is subject to availability of the storage space, the guest can store luggage in the luggage room, at the guest’s sole risk as to loss or damage from any cause, Luggage may not be stored for a period of over 30 days.
  • Guest’s belongings are particularly requested to lock the door of their rooms when going out and going to bed. For the convenience of the Guest, electronic safety lockers are provided in the room to store any valuables.

Inviting strangers into the hotel rooms to use the facilities and/or amenities is prohibited. For security reasons, the joiner must register at reception before entering the room.

  • Hanging any items in guest room windows that might ruin the beauty of our hotel appearance is prohibited.
  • Hazardous Goods – Bringing goods and/or storing raw or exposed cinema films, or any other article of a combustible or hazardous nature and/or prohibited goods and/or goods of objectionable nature is prohibited.
  •  The Guest shall be solely liable and responsible to the management, its other guests, invitees’ visitors, agents, and servants for all loss financial or otherwise, and damage that may be caused by such articles or because of the guests’ own negligence and non-observance of any / instructions.
  • Gambling, contraband, prostitution, weapons, explosives, flammable objects, poisons, drugs, animals and pungent food are strictly prohibited on hotel premises.

The guest will be held responsible for any loss or damage to the hotel property caused by themselves, their guests or any person for whom they are responsible.

  • It is agreed that the guest will conduct him/ herself in a respectable manner and will not cause any nuisance or annoyance within the hotel premise.
  • The Management has the right to request any guest to vacate his/her room or other areas of the hotel forthwith, without previous notice and without assigning any reason whatsoever, and the guest shall be bound to vacate when requested to do so. In case of default, the Management has the right to remove the Guest’s luggage and belongings from the room occupied by him/her.
  • Relation between Management and Guest Nothing herein above shall continue or be deemed to constitute, or create any tenancy or sub-tenancy, or any other right to interact in the hotel premises or any part of portion thereof, in favor of any Guest or resident or visitor, and the Management shall always be deemed to be in full and absolute possession of the whole of the hotel premises.

  • Please take extra care of your keys. Lost keys incur a replacement fee of Ksh.1,000
  • Unwashable stains, rips, or tears on linens or towels will be charged to your bill
  • Smoking is strictly not allowed in the hotel and the violator is subject to a fine of Ksh.5,000, should you wish to smoke there is a smoking area, and Reception will guide you there